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Are you looking for a primary health care practitioner, or someone to work with your current physician?
Are you seeking short-term treatment for a specific complaint, or do you want the prevention-oriented, holistic approach to the health of mind, body, and spirit that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can provide?

To help determine which acupuncture treatment will be the most useful to you, Daniel will first talk with you about your goals, your symptoms and your overall health and wellness.  Next he will analyze the pulse in your wrist, look at your tongue, and examine any parts of your body that are having trouble.  These diagnostic tools will tell him how healthy you are, what's working well, and where you have blocks, stagnation, agitation, or weakness.  This information will help him design a treatment plan for you.  He'll also help you understand what's working and what isn't and what lifestyle and diet options could help you be more balanced and healthy.

This initial evaluation takes 45-75 minutes.

At the end of your evaluation, you will schedule your first treatment with Daniel.

Treatments generally last 30 to 45 minutes.  2 to 3 treatments might be enough for an acute short-term condition. You might come for 5 to 15 treatments, once or twice a week, to address a chronic condition.  More serious diseases take longer.  Daniel will give you an idea of what's needed when he meets with you.

What about the Needles?  Do they hurt?
Some people are worried about having needles. Daniel's children, even whey they were small, would come bounding down the stairs in the morning before school asking their dad for needles if they felt a sore throat or cold coming on.  They'd sit on the couch for their treatment (sometimes lining up with their siblings if there was a cold going around) and then set out for school, so happy they didn't have to deal with that cold or sore throat any more.

People are comfortable with things that are familiar to them.  If you're unfamiliar with needles, ask Daniel to give you an introduction to them.  You can hold one of his ultra-thin needles and see that it's only as thick as a strand of hair.  Ask him to insert the needle in your hand, and you'll see you can hardly feel it going in.  (It's much easier than having a finger pricked for a blood test.) The only time a needle hurts is if there is a significant problem at that point.  The pain can be intense for a split second, but then it subsides and, if you can pay attention to that place in your body, you can sometimes feel the problem release. You'll soon feel a calmness set in. If fear is getting in the way, not allowing you to relax and observe what's happening in your body, let Daniel know. If you're afraid, it's important that you find a way to breathe deeply and give yourself encouraging messages like, "This is new to me. I just need a while to get used to it."

If you decide that needles are not for you, Daniel can stimulate the acupuncture points using massage and/or essential oils, with similar results.

How soon will I see results?
Sometimes you'll see improvement during the treatment itself. Often you will see or feel some improvement within the first 5-6 treatments, although complete resolution may take longer.  Chronic conditions can be stubborn and may require quite a bit more time to effect changes.  There are even times when your symptoms get worse for one or two days after a treatment, and then get a great deal better. Daniel can tell you what to expect from your course of treatments. His goal is to maximize the speed of your recovery with the minimum number of visits. Talk with him if you're not seeing the results you're looking for.

Several maintenance sessions a year are usually recommended to keep your system in a healthy state.